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There’s no better time than now to chart a course for good oral health care. Which is exactly what our general dentistry services are designed to help you achieve. Dr. Amanda Ganshert and Dr. Robert Konen at Downtown Family Dental of Baraboo in Baraboo, WI are your dental partners. They want you and every member of your family to enjoy optimal oral health.

Cleanings & Exams: The Key to Good General Dentistry Services

The foundation of general dentistry at Downtown Family Dental of Baraboo is the routine cleaning and exam. At these appointments, we’ll clean your teeth, assess the health of your gums, check for tooth decay and administer x-rays when necessary to uncover any problems that might be hiding in spots not visible to the eye. Depending on your individual needs, Dr. Ganshert and Dr. Konen would like to see you and every member of your family two to four times each year for these checkups. With this regularity, we can more easily monitor for changes in your dental condition that may warrant treatment.

General Dentistry Beyond the Checkup

In addition to routine cleanings and exams, Downtown Family Dental of Baraboo offers other important general dentistry services, such as periodontal therapy. For example, if we find evidence of gum disease during your exam, we can treat the condition with root planing and scaling to remove plaque and smooth rough surfaces of tooth roots. We may also prescribe an antibiotic to treat an infection due to gum disease and/or use laser treatment to remove bacteria and promote gum reattachment.

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To experience the best of general dentistry services in Sauk County call, email or request an appointment online. Downtown Family Dental of Baraboo serves patients age two and older. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.