Family Dental Practice - Baraboo WI

Are you accepting new patients in your practice?

Yes, Drs. Ganshert and Konen are accepting new patients at this time.  Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with either Doctor.

Does your office accept BadgerCare/Forward Health/Medical Assistance patients?

Our office is not enrolled in the State of Wisconsin’s dental insurance programs.  We are therefore unable to accept and/or bill these insurance programs for policy holders with this coverage.   We are able to work with policy holders of this insurance on a cash-for-service basis.  If you are looking for a care provider who does accept this insurance, please contact the Department of Health Services via phone (608-266-1865) or visit the Website  for a current listing.

Do you accept my insurance coverage?

Our office accepts most major dental insurance programs.  In addition, we are a premier provider with Delta Dental and an active participant within the CIGNA Dental Network Savings Plan.  Please contact a representative in our office to discuss more specific questions regarding your insurance program.

How much is my insurance going to pay for that procedure?

Every insurance plan is different and payment amounts will vary depending on each specific insurance plan’s coverage toward procedures.  Pre-authorizations can be requested from your insurance provider if you would like to know the exact cost of your dental treatments before we begin scheduling your appointments.  The average turn-around time for the pre-authorization process is about 2-4 weeks.  Please let a staff member know any time that you would like us to submit a pre-authorization to the insurance company on your behalf.

If a pre-authorization is not requested, our office will do everything we can to educate our patients about the cost of their dental care by providing them with an estimate for their specific insurance coverage.However, as our office’s access to patient coverage information can be limited due to privacy laws, our estimate is not a guarantee of payment from the insurance company and the patient is responsible for any unpaid balance/co-payment owed.  Please review our Financial Information page for further information related to our office’s financial policies.


As a new patient, can I get my teeth cleaned during my first visit?

A new patient’s initial visit and exam with the Doctor is scheduled separately from his/her hygiene appointment.  We understand time being valuable for everyone and will try to limit trips by offering a hygiene appointment the same day if there is availability.  However, as existing patients schedule their regular cleaning appointments months in advance, we cannot guarantee that there will be same day availability.  We appreciate your understanding as we make every effort to accommodate all scheduling requests.


What is the difference between a silver and a white filling?

Silver fillings, called amalgams, have been used in dentistry for over 125 years.  They are made up of an alloy (or combination) of silver, tin and mercury.White fillings, called resins, have also been used for a long time.  They were designed for use in the front teeth mainly for cosmetics.  In recent years, the strength and durability of white fillings has improved tremendously.  As a result, these types of fillings are now widely used in both front AND back teeth.We have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of silver and white fillings. This information will be helpful when deciding which option is best for you.


Silver (Amalgam)


  • Silver fillings have been around for 125 years.
  • Silver fillings are easier to place than white fillings.
  • Silver fillings are more economical than white fillings because the materials are less expensive and the procedure is less time consuming for the Doctor.


  • Silver fillings are not as cosmetically appealing as white fillings.
  • Silver fillings do not bond tooth structure.  As a result, the natural layer of tooth enamel is interrupted which can eventually cause the tooth to fracture.
  • Because silver fillings do not bond to tooth structure, the Doctor must remove more of the tooth in order to retain the filling.
  • Silver fillings cannot be repaired, they can only be replaced.

White (Resin)


  • White fillings are more cosmetically appealing.
  • White fillings directly bond to tooth structure and other restoration materials.  As a result of the bonding, it is not necessary to remove as much natural tooth structure AND the restored tooth is stronger that if it was repaired with a silver filling.
  • White fillings adhere to and support tooth structure.
  • White fillings can be repaired without sacrificing the integrity of the original restoration.
  • With the newer white fillings, wear and tear is comparable to silver fillings, so the life expectancy should be the same.


  • White fillings are more difficult for the Doctor to place, leading to lengthier appointments.
  • Because the materials are more expensive, the cost of white fillings is about 50% more than for silver fillings.
  • Most dental insurance companies will only cover a portion of the cost for white fillings on back teeth.  Please check your coverage with your insurance provider.  If you choose the white filling, the balance of the unpaid portion is your responsibility.

I get so nervous when I come to the dentist–does your office offer sedation dentistry?

Our office does not practice ‘sleep dentistry’ at this time.  We do offer conscious sedation options for patients who request them when scheduling their appointments.  However, with-or-without sedation, our Doctors’ methods are as ‘pain free’ as possible, our private operatories guarantee security and our caring staff members do their part to put you at ease with each visit you make to our office.

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